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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pentax (K10D) also reproduces Canon-type "Plastic Skin"?

Japanese website IT+Plus of the Nikkei Net posted some photos taken with the production K10D. One of these is a cutie baby portrait photo taken, below is the downsized picture:-


To inspect the full size original image, here is the direct link:-


With the new PRIME image engine created by Pentax for the K10D, it is obvious that Pentax has being tried very hard to catch up with their competitors in image processing hardware and technology. or at least their marketing guys are smart enough to create a new name for their image processor/engine. Nonetheless, the most representative and renowned image engine is undoubtedly the DIGIC image processors by Canon.

However, quite some photographers, including myself, found that whilst Canon DSLRs do often (re)produce excellent resolution, exciting colours with very low noise levels, comparatively at all ISO speeds (and hence some types of photos will look very impressive), some portrait photos looked fake and it is called "plastic skin" in general on the net for these unnatural looking skin representation.

Well, here is a funny joke for mentioning the coming Nikon D90 (which is an imagined model and the article is a hoax, or just for humour), will have a new "plastic skin mode" available! Funny! LOL :=D


BTW, what do you think about this sample picture? Judge yourself..


  1. One image is not enough to judge anything. There are numerous portraits, including the "official" Pentax ones to show the quality of the skin texture.

  2. Agreed, and we shall look at more samples before we can come up with a solid conclusion.

    The sample picture I provide shows sign of "plastic skin" symptom which is rarely seen with *ist Dx camera but it doesn't mean all portrait photos made by the K10D will be "plasticky". Time will tell.. and, that's an interesting thing for us to observe.

    Regarding the official samples, do note that they had been released before the final production firmware 1.0 was out. Also, it is the first time I have seen Pentax do not "use" Japanese lady model for their portrait samples posted at their Japanese homesite.

    Do also note that generally Western people usually have stronger skin texture than Asian ones, too.