Monday, January 01, 2007

Reports on In-effective Dust Removal of K10D Continue

Further to my last report more than one month ago:-

Here are yet continous feedbacks about the ineffectiveness of the DR system of the K10D:-

By following the thread, it can be found that people do in general believe that Olympus do have the most effective dust prevention solution for DSLR, which is far superior, whereas the Canon 400D/XTi's one comes in the second place, whereas the Pentax DR in K10D is the most ineffective one :-( Too bad..

Again, I hope this is not true (but objectively it tells the opposite). Pentax, again, I urge you please try hard to keep up! And, most importantly, don't avoid user feedbacks and do face all those real problems!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I've sent my new K10D to PENTAX because Internal Flash problems.

It's still working, but all pictures (in automatatic mode) are "white". It seems to me, that the IF on my K10D is "overpowered"

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