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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shipment of the DA* Lenses is Delayed

Pentax have just announced today that the shipment of their DA* zoom lenses, the two very or probably even most important new products of the year of theirs, is delayed and now that the new arrival date will be in fall July! (So late?) It's really disappointing afterall.


(The Press Release is in Japanese, use WorldLingo to translate if needed)

The reason Pentax gives us is that "they need to have more time for the quality assurance part because of the huge demand of the lenses globally". Well, do you really understand what they are actually talking about? Even if yes, do you think that the given reason is sensible?

Nevertheless, it just looks like an excuse to me. The most important thing is that customers will look back at the past track records for how many times those commitments made in the past by Pentax in their official announcements were fulfilled and how many times those announced products were delayed and release dates were postponed, once and once again, and for most of the time.

Yes, by saying that a new (maybe attractive) product will be coming soon is a way for promoting the current line of products and is also a way to retain old customers. But, when those cannot come true repeatedly, the disappointed customers will go away. Simple.

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Pentax targeted at releasing at least five new DA* lenses in their new lens roadmap which was published around the PMA. Let's wait and see if they can really make the remaining three lenses in the remaining four months of 2007, counting from the late July. Just for the sake of direct review and comparison, here is the Pentax's lens roadmap published in 2006 - just have a look for the DA* zooms, which should be products of 2006!


  1. Anonymous26/4/07 22:22

    very disapointing and surely very bad press for pentax


  2. Anonymous27/4/07 19:21

    Positive spin: remember how disappointed you were with the sample pictures from the Tokina version? Maybe they were too and are taking time to get it right.