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Monday, March 02, 2009

The End of the DA Line?


Latest Pentax DSLR system lens roadmap as at March 3, 2009:-

(Click to see the full picture, or to download the official pdf file here)

There is no more SDM DA rear convertor as promised nor the DA*30, which are both removed.

The latest time line shown is Spring 2009 and there is *no future*!

Really sad, unless there is something new to show. Pentax/Hoya should at least let us know the way forward and if they really have any new plan, it should be told.. (But if there is actually no "further" plan? Then??)

I bet this PMA would be the most disappointing one for Pentax in the recent years and there should be no more better news. We shall know by tomorrow very soon.


  1. Anonymous3/3/09 01:23

    everyone have seen that Samsung NX, it not a K-AF lenses. so Pentax?

  2. Anonymous8/3/09 06:40


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  4. The Roadmap does show a Super Telephoto though, maybe the current world economic slowdown has made them rethink the future lens development.

  5. In the latest interview with Hoya's senior official, it was told that the (temporary) withdrawal of the DA lenses were not because of the economy slowdown, but just that they want to modify the DA lens standard specifications so as to cope better with the upcoming new Pentax DSLR body.