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Sunday, March 08, 2009

"More Advanced" Pentax DSLR to Come this Summer

From an interview video clip with a Pentax official at PMA by a Swedish online magazine:-


The following dialogues are recorded (at around 1:00 from the starting):-

"We have planned to introduce a new SLR, it's also a new concept, by the summer."

Q: "Is it a direct successor to the K20D?

A: "No, it is not a direct successor of the K20D, the concept has changed during the development in the past months, the concept is slightly different."

Q: "Is it a more advanced or less advanced than the K20D?"

A: "It will be more advanced I would say."

Although it is not a new thing for a new upper level Pentax DSLR (within their family) to come this Summer, which was disclosed last year at Photokina by a Japanese senior Pentax official, the above interview re-confirms the thing lately, at least. Btw, I think whether it is a "K20D Successor" is almost meaningless, as the K20D is virtually a dead model now, in terms of its sales volume: ridiculous low price but yet still low popularity. So, if a new Pentax model above the K-m is not to come sooner, Pentax will just have no market share on anything at all other than only a little bit share in the entry level DSLR segment. Hence, they should act faster. And indeed, much faster, as it should be.


  1. Anonymous9/3/09 01:38

    Canon, Nikon and Sony offer nothing (I mean DSLR) this PMA. New cameras will be close to summer. I don't see any problems if new Pentax camera come this summer.
    I think Pentax will change the line of cameras. No any K300D and K30D.
    it could be new cameras with new names and functionality.
    New sensors. Maybe new line of lenses. We even can't imagine such cameras.

  2. The problem is now Pentax has nothing else to compete with others other than the K-m.

  3. Anonymous9/3/09 18:22

    Hoya has purged of the Pentax Imaging's primary of original management layer?

    In Oct 2007, Hoya has purged of the Pentax’s board of directors as well as its members, but the Pentax Imaging's original management layer still keeps. In PIE 2008 (Mar 2008), we have still seen the Pentax Imaging’s Mr. Torigoe and Mr. Tatamiya.

    Mr. Torigoe is Pentax Imaging’s one highest layer leader. Mr. Tatamiya had been the Pentax imaging's Product Planning and Marketing Division manager.

    We are very familiar with both of them, especially Tatamiya. Whenever a new product releases, then we can see that Tatamiya will appear in the media. Despite the K10D had some problems, but the peoples still likes both of them. In Japan, a lot of PENTAX users are familiar with Tatamiya. Pentax has one cleaner of sensor, but some Japanese consumers call it “Tatamiya stick”.

    Mr. Torigoe and Mr. Tatamiya.

    However, the last day of Mar 2008, Hoya have completed to usurps to Pentax, in the PIE (Mar) 2008, we were last time to sees Mr. Torigoe and Mr. Tatamiya.

    In Sep 2008, Pentax's many Japanese fans were worried of Pentax future, because they are many Japanese so them would be more clear-eyed to there:

    Japanese Pentax Fan said: “the current Pentax's disastrous state, I want to hear that Mr. Torigoe says his own feel.” (鳥越興氏に今のペンタックスの惨状について感想をお聞きしたいね。)

    One year, we no longer see Mr. Torigoe and Mr. Tatamiya.

    In Sep 2008, Pentax’s consumer has seen a new face in the Photokina 2008, there did not being Mr. Torigoe and Mr. Tatamiya. In Mar 2009, Pentax’s consumer has seen another new face in the PMA 2009. Them came from the Camera’s industry? Or them came from Hoya’s official?

    Mr. Kitazawa has replaces Mr. Torigoe in Sep 2008. PMA 2009, Hoya official show up that Mr. Kawauchi have became Pentax imaging's Product Planning and Marketing Division manager.

    What result would both of them offer to us? I am waiting this summer, and I am waiting a K30D. As another, I am watching Nikon D300, its now price has drop to less than 1300.00 USD, in our here.

    Mr. Kitazawa

    Mr. Kawauchi

  4. Anonymous9/3/09 18:24

    K20D is good enough for me

  5. But it is not "good enough" for Pentax to be alive!

  6. Anonymous9/3/09 22:16

    PIE2009 in Tokyo will be interesting

  7. Anonymous10/3/09 14:47

    The K20d/K200d's original plans were into the market in Oct or Nov 2007, but Hoya has disturbed to this plan. Also, the K-m's plan as starts at 2007.

    In Photokina 2007, Mr. Torigoe had told us: After the K10d, Pentax has planed with every 12 months to upgrades their DSLR and no longer 18 months.

    One year, we no longer see Mr. Torigoe and Mr. Tatamiya. After Mar 2008’s one year, we have seen a more lack of vitality at Pentax than to the original.

    In Japan, Canon starts up a new springtime of war, the EOS 50d price = 90-10 = eighty thousand of JPY:

    Before a long time, which K20D has already dropped to less than sixty five thousand JPY, then the now price as again drops? A sale becomes fifty thousand of JPY? Would Hoya do accepts?

    The Japanese Kakaku's weekly sale of sorting, in 2008's one year of the Pentax did not get one top's position, usually the every Tuesday to update:

  8. Anonymous21/3/09 01:17

    RiceHigh, thank you for sharing all those information.

    I think you are pretty practical in commenting the Pentax future, much better than those zealot fans.

    Keep going!

  9. Anonymous27/3/09 17:49

    I think that first of all Pentax must make new budget model with lion batery.... 2.5 fps is enough for beginers but buffer must be at least 20-30 jpg or 10 raws. AF assist lamp is a must in all models...... budget model must be around 10 mp, middle 12mp, top model 15-16mp. Af points: budget 3, middle 9, top model 20.
    The basic rulles if pentax wants to stay on the market and compete with c/n.

  10. Mite said true I think same him.and I like second hand for digital camera because of my budget.hehehe