Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Pentax K-7 Hands On Report!

Go Read!:-
(Text in Simplified Chinese)

Wow, another kit lens has surfaced! It is the 50-200/4-5.6 WR! Some more detailed operations and new functions of the K-7 are briefed, with screen captures of those relevant menu pages!

Besides, more real K-7 stuff are triggered since my last post on the K-7 images and details. These include some "real" photos (that are not those for official press releases or Ads) and an interesting and useful to-scale size comparisons against the K20D and K-m as well as Canon, Nikon and Olympus DSLR bodies, as below:-

(All the above are directly linked to the sources)


Edit (5-20): One more K-7 pic here:-

And, the writer of the hands-on report has made some additional remarks on his hands-on test and some supplemental information about the beta K-7 he handled is given:-


Anyway, the flash X-sync is re-confirmed to be at 1/180th second, unfortunately. Let's see if the coming official announcement will show a higher speed (which production model will have) but it is not that likely, IMHO.


Anonymous said...

it's tiny...really tiny...this is good.

Anonymous said...

No it's not. If I wanted a dwarf camera I'd get an Olympus. Pentax is repeating the mistakes of the 70s when it ditched the wonderful KX, KM and K2 to replace them with a set of Oly rip offs.

tigrebleu said...

18-55 WR, 55-200 WR... Nice, but when will the 16-45 F/4 WR will be ready? Or at least the 17-70 F/4 WR?

I love my DA16-45, I only wish it had WR. I'd trade it for a 17-70 F/4 WR though.

When the lens developpement roadmap was brought to a stop earlier this year, Hoya's people said they had to do so because the roadmap didn't match the lens line-up that was to be adapted to the upcoming DSLR specs... Seems a lot of WR lenses will become available this year!



tigrebleu said...

Aperture control on/off in movie mode, EV compensation going -5 to +5, in-picture copyright embedding, etc.

Real pro features there!

glanglois said...

Just picked up my K10D after shooting with a K2000 for several months. The K10D gained several pounds during that time. What a handful!

Can't wait to get my hands on a K-7 for comparison.

Peter Frailey said...

Seems that the K7 is closest to size of the K-M. But what are the actual, Canon, Nikon and Olympus models shown... all of which the K7 is smaller than?

On the other hand, the weight seems to be substantail relative to its size. I think at about 26 ounces with battery and card it weighs more than the D90 Nikon, though I think it might be smaller. It depends on which Nikon models are shown here.


Peter F.

Anonymous said...

Where's the K-m (K-2000) ? I can only see a K200D here, the K-m is far smaller.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's heavier than a d90 even though it appears to be smaller! Its a magnesium alloy on a stainless chassis! D90 is plastic. Plastic is lighter than magnesium or ss.

Anonymous said...

Shown against Nikon D300 & D700

Anonymous said...

Will size affect this camera's perception in the camera world? It seems that the smaller a camera is, it usually relates to its place on the professional-consumer scale. You take a 50D or D300 and those boys have heft - will someone look at the K7 and think its on the same level as a Rebel? Plus, while this is nitpicky, I find it odd that the SDHC door is a push model, and not the key style the K10/K20 had. I guess it was done because of the diminutive size, but will it send a signal of quality to some?

Also, I am bummed by the button layout of the K-7 - I thought the K10/K20 had an intuitive layout, much better than Canon or Nikon (Nikon is fine, Canon just makes no sense) WHile I am glad to see ISO get a dedicated button, I liked having the green button on top, and loved using my thumb to toggle through the Menu/Trash/Info/View keys.

Overall, I think its a great camera (at least based on looks and stats) which fixes the biggest issues I have with my K10 (AF speed, FPS). Hopefully Pentax moves into No. 3 in SLR sales, and Nikon and Canon lose marketshare to Pentax, as well as SOny and Olympus...

And may the Micro Four Thirds fail!

PML said...

a K-m ergonomy and size with more usefull buttons. Hope dynamic will be improved.
A true incorporated HDR (with two or three views as on Ricoh CX1) instead of live view and movie would have been apreciated.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the layout is VERY promising (i use K200D and Nikon bodys)! If the HDR is work in RAW, it's another kind feature. Is it true multiexposure (like pro digi backs) or a "cheat" (like in a Ricoh CX1)? And what the heck is "Composition adjust" in the menu? The video options(aperture control, EV comp, AF) looks like extremly useful, kudos Pentax! :-)

Barry-DFW said...

Having my K200D after one year has been been but still miss the bridge cam Fuji s8000fd (except for the noise levels---ugh) since I could shoot movies too. Now It looks like I'll have the best of both worlds again and HD too, hope my Sigma 70-300mm will be a good match for it

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