Friday, May 08, 2009

Official New K Teasers Up and More Leaks Coming!

(in Japanese)

As for the promotion graphics, it was leaked on April 22 already, as I reported it already. I previously translated that slogan of the promotion as "- The Successor for the Pride of Renowned Gear -", which it looks as if Pentax/Hoya is quite proud of and confident in the new camera body, i.e., the K-7.

Japanese Impress DC Watch has also reported the news:-
(in Japanese)

The scheduled times and venues of new product "seminars" are shown in their summary table. The seminars are for free admission and more importantly, it is told that people can try the new K(-7) body! And by that time, we can know more about the new K-7, for sure! - the Japanese media will report it fast enough. So when? The first seminar will be held at the noon of May 23rd at Tokyo. So, we shall know more! They tell, I report! :-D

Anyway, on May 21st we shall see the official specs. (or earlier, if there is leak(s)!)

Exciting? :-)

Edit: The official Chinese Pentax site has also made the announcement!

And, one more new image (for the right side view of the "new K") is published:-

Edit 2:
Edit 4:

EL Screen? Nice if True!

(All leaked pictures are directly linked to the sources - Check the link properties yourself if you wish.)

Edit 3:
New Teasers also appear in Sweden, Canada, Germany and USA! View the official Pentax webpages:- (Recruitment of Ten Internet Testers) (Count Down for the New K) (That was the first count down meter by Pentax but the image of the "New K" is not the K-7! Just a K20D, I think.)

And, Pentax UK has nothing yet! (What are they doing?)

Edit 5:

Really funny! But I have to tell that that K-7 with vertical grip image is *Real*!!

Edit 6:


Anonymous said...

If your edit2 pictur eis true, the second port is for shutter and rubber cover. but my concern is that the SD card cover is the same as K100D which have a grip on the cover. this means it not wheather sealed.

RiceHigh said...

Nope, its irrelevant. Its weather-sealed.

.mario said...

yes, it's not the shape that makes a port cover wheather sealed, but its inner rubber seals

Anonymous said...

Teaser appear in Germany (and they are looking for testers), and in Canada.
When will you show the back?

RiceHigh said...

I am not in Germany nor Canada :-(

jayKayEss said...

Swedish teaser:

"The wait is soon over. Welcome back before long for the year's Pentax news."

Ronan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Neither am I... But, where I am, we have no leaks at all, it's very frustrating to see that other countries have (here Pentax have 13% of the market shares).
When will you post the back of the camera of your dreams? Here we have a picture:

RiceHigh said...

Not yet. The chicken and egg logic is that I need someone to leak/post something first before I could make the sketch! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Haven't you seen the link? ^^, not great but enough to see everything...

RiceHigh said...

Read my last article then, it will give you a much clearer picture! :-)

Anonymous said...

From your pictures,
Replay and Delete is at left top corner
info and menu are below direction keys
green key swap with +/- and ISO near shutter.

from the above link:
left is WB
right is ?
top should be drive
down is flash
OK is ?
and also seems there is a LV key at left top of direction keys.

Anonymous said...

And where is an AF point selector?

Anonymous said...

You forgot Pentax USA with a flash count down too! :o)

Anonymous said...
one more leak.
The iso is shown on LED and the battery indicator changed. Does this mean new battery used in K-7?

but I doubt the info on the screen: 1/8000 and F1.0.

Anonymous said...

here is a picture from the bottom side of the K-7 compared to a K20D

It shows nicely the different body size

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

Could you let me know the body's material?
Is it magnesium?

Anonymous said...

ok is af point selector, right is "6-colors-mode-selector" (it could be more than 6 :) )

11 days to go... Hrrrr. I can't wait to see full specs :)

Anonymous said...

"Really funny! But I have to tell that that K-7 with vertical grip image is *Real*!!"

Of course is real. I think some people have photos and much more info, but they give information on portion. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes.... :D

Anonymous said...

1/8000 is real.

Anonymous said...

And one little leak here:

We can see a direct live view button, and the AF point selecting knob.

Anonymous said...

RicehighThe simplest evaluation of your comments so far suggest that a: you are not a full-time photographer; b: you use Pentax gear but find it has serious shortcoming; c: you make very few if any favourable comments about Pentax gear;d: you don't change to another system, even though you can obviously afford to.
What exactly is your point?
It is hard not to conclude you are out to hurt Pentax.

Anonymous said...

:-( It's too small. All I want is K10 with better AF and exposition mettering. And AF assist lamp ;-) Tomas

Anonymous said...

Those who make no mistakes are making the biggest mistakes of all — they are attempting nothing new.
Anthony de Mello

Umm...I don't see Ricehigh has the power to hurt Pentax but fanatics who are living in a love inllusion.

Syam said...

I don't see why anyone should accuse someone of hurting Pentax if they don't see eye to eye with you. I've use Pentax, I have for the the past 20 years or so. I can seriously say, Pentax slrs do have shortcomings. The metering for the current lineup is out of whack....I have to work more to get the correct exposure. The AF is crap no matter what the fanboys say about it. What Ricehigh so far has done is to higlight the issues and that has allowed me to workaround the shortcomings.
Pentax has done itself disfavours by putting forth dslr that has fallen short of what we know it is capable of.
I agree with Anthony. I just hope the new cam sparks off something good.

Anonymous said...

To Syam, I've got a K-m, and it's AF and metering are definitely not crap nor out of whack.
- vorlon

Syam said...

I have the k10d and the k100d, I have also used the k20d. Plus along with my list of Pentax film cameras, I think I know what I'm saying when I say that Pentax Af is simply not up to par....yet. I have compared using my brother's Canon and my friends' Nikon, Minolta, Sony. Their AF tend to hunt less than Pentax's. I only have satisfactory AF performance when I'm out in a bright sunny day. And that brings me to my second problem - on a bright sunny day the metering tends to underexpose. I don't seem to remember having this problem when I was still using Pentax's film cameras. What Ricehigh so far has done is to higlight this problems - and this has allow me to workaround the problems that I have. I don't always agree with what he writes but it has merits.
Though I can't do much about the AF speed/lock but fortunately my type of shooting doesn't require it. There are loads of other areas in which Pentax can improve and I think it would be a mistake for us and more importantly Pentax to turn a blind eye to it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read about autofocus and metering.

My Nikon D40 overexposes consistently and has to be permanently switched to minus .7 compensation: Read Ken Rockwell!
It has 3 autoocus points and no inbuilt stabilisation.
Autofocus is quick, but my K100D is more accurate though slightly slower.
Overall, neither is perfect. My friend's Canon is fast in autofocus but no stabilisation.
High ISO performance is much better with my K100D than NIkon D40 or my friend's Canon.
Plus my Pentax seems of a much higher build quality. Nikon is good, but I prefer my Pentax for its lenses, flare performance and colour rendition: Bright, with saturation andd contrast turned down a step, and manual WB set with a Kodak Gray Card, and finally, quality set to the middle, normal, not fine.

Relax and enjoy photography!

Syam said...

hahaha I do, I just don't get the "blind-faith-to-one-brand-and-don't-you-dare-say-anything-bad-about-it" mantra thats all.

Funnily enough I've put my k10d to overexpose its metering by .7 Otherwise I lose my shadow details. My shots at a recent motorcross event confirmed it - I forgot that I left the exposure compensation at default. The photos all came out dark, I had to boost up the exposure in lightroom.

Anonymous said...

You're right about blind faith, Syam.It spoils our experiences. Why not have two different brand dslrs if you can afford it?
The K10 is beautifully built. Have you tried manual white balance with 18% grey setting if you can find an example?
Let us know how you go.

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