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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Photos from the K-7 HK Product Launch Show


The D-BG4 can adapt also 4(?) x AA Lithiums (at 1.5V each) in addition to the 6 x AA rechargeables (NiMH, at 1.2V each)? As far as I can see from those official published specs so far , it is only told that NiMH rechargeables are supported. So, as seen from the above photo, it is really a good news! AA Lithium batteries have two main advantages over NiMH ones: 1. They are much lighter and weight can be saved nearly by half per cell, especially consider only 4 lithium AAs are required instead of 6 NiMHs, obviously it is just a big advantage! And, 2. Those AA Lithiums are much more cold-resistant, that would be a perfect match with the cold-resistant K-7 when the camera is really used under cold conditions.

The same poster has also posted some show girl photos taken with various different lenses and the K-7:-


See also the notes at the bottom of each photo:-


  1. thanks RH, but i think these Pentax labels on women models look ugly. they had to think of another way of showing that these are pentax girls..

  2. I think the stickers are just not sticky enough.

  3. Hey RiceHigh,
    thanks for linking these photos!

    Some interesting update:
    Firmware 1.00 arrived! The German Alpha-Testers received the latest FW today.


    best regards

  4. Anonymous18/6/09 18:01

    Oh My God! they sliced a FA 31mm limited... Isn't that a crime?

  5. Anonymous18/6/09 18:03

    Actually I was wrong: it was shot by a FA 31, and the sliced lens one of the new WR kit lens.

  6. The stickers are so fuckin ridiculous !

    They should have stick the stickers on the girl's mouth, its would have been funny at least :P

    Cheap marketing !

  7. Anonymous18/6/09 23:40

    Hey Ricey

    Thanks for the links to the cutaway photos of the K-7 showing the internal layout

    I have to say that in spite of all the reassurances from the Pentax execs and tech guys, looking at the internals I don't think the camera seems terribly 'minaturised' to me

    I'm frightened to think what those Canon/Nikon bricks like the 50D must look like on the inside in terms of wasted-space!