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Thursday, January 07, 2010

My New K-x Navy

Actually I have already finished testing the K-x (as loaned from Fred) and a full review is in progress. At the same time, I have ordered a "099" K-x (Silver Body + Brown Grip) from the Mapcamera at the Japanese Rakuten (which is to be then forwarded by the Tenso), as overall I really like the K-x (although it does / Pentax do still have its/their problems). However, since existing stock of the 099 at the Mapcamera has just run out and that they later on do not accept credit card payment against what I have been successfully selected and confirmed when I placed the order online (which resulted in two more weeks for waiting the new stock as well as more complicated payment procedures plus some cost increase), I simply chose to cancel that order when I have seen a "standard" Navy Blue K-x (#091) today in Hong Kong a few hours ago of which the stock is of new arrival, which is cheaper and also looks nice (the styles of the 099 and 091 are somehow different anyway) and I can yet enjoy the local (Hong Kong & China) warranty.

p.s. I have intentionally mismatched my two DAL lenses on the two bodies! ;-D

An Energizer NiMH rechargeable battery kit is also bundled (4 x 2450 mAh, retained 70% of charge after 6 months, with an "Auto" charger). It has the official Pentax and K-x label on the packing:-

Well, the next thing I will do is to test my own K-x and will complete my full K-x review duely. I may add in more comments and information as such.

I shall also write a more detailed article/guide for briefing how customised colour K-x can be ordered directly online from Japan locally and then forwarded to your home via International shipping and dispatch service! (Just in case you don't like "standard" items but just want to get one of the other 100 coloured K-x!)

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