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Monday, March 08, 2010

RiceHigh's Subjective Ratings on Pentax AF Lenses on Pentax DSLRs 2010

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Enjoy! Take mine as plenty grains of salt as everything are totally subjective according to my own practical experiences and impressions! YMMV!

Well, the Quality Variations that may exist could surprise you, especially for Pentax lenses that were produced after 2003! On the other hand, putting aside such annoying quality issues, I do find that Pentax have been improving their lens design silently over time, even for the "same" lens model (but for times and so many times they just couldn't control properly the quality! E.g., just look at the DAL lenses' case, and maybe also the DA 16-45 copies that I had and have as well!).

As a final remark, I haven't rated "Focusing Accuracy" in my summary as I found that focusing accuracy depends much more on the body than on lenses, generally speaking (although particular Pentax lens models are still more vulnerable to focusing errors, e.g., the FA 31 Limited). So, I'd just better leave this out in my table.

Update (3-9): More fields are added for performance aspects and lens production information are also added.

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