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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dictatorship/Censorship Alert (Reminder)

As you may have known, the PentaxForums.com has been blocking my every link as quoted by any of their "members" for long. But I'm still somehow surprised on their insistence on doing that and the indeed good consistence by different "moderators" as well. They just even don't allow just my name is mentioned, in addition to no link is allowed to be posted already (then the innocent *ordinary* members are prosecuted), even though they haven't banned my membership at their place, so as to show some kind of pseudo open-minded-ness, a latest example:-


Quoted, "Edit Reason: Link to blog of "he who's name shall not be mentioned" "??!

In fact, this is totally peremptory and imperious and that they are actually rather disrespective to their ordinary forum members. Yes, they have the right to do anything at their own place and premise, even they do evils, but I do believe this is just totally not justified and unjustice.

Edit: I think Adam, site owner of the PentaxForums(.com), should add in his forum rules that: 1. No content and not any content of the RiceHigh's Blog shall be linked (to); 2. No name of RiceHigh shall be mentioned! But since that they do not and could not mention me, how can they set up such two rules? ;-) Otherwise, I think they would have done that already! But anyway, the rules are there, even they are hidden, over that "No RiceHigh's PentaxForums"! ;-D Lol..

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