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Thursday, July 08, 2010

True Rumour for Upcoming Pentax DSLRs and Plan? (Possibly~)

It is noted that someone posted a "rumour" yesterday at the PentaxForums but his post was deleted very quickly and that guy was sharply prosecuted - as a new member, he was banned immediately!

It has been made well known to us and it is proven that PentaxForums liked/had to/and will delete anything faster than flashlight as long as that thing might have any potential conflict of various interests of them (and very possibly they need to protect the secrets and interests of someone/their boss behind, so that their interests are secured)! But never mind, thanks to Google, I have just searched the Google cached database for the Web and here it is!

(If you are interested to view the whole original thread, do click the above at once and act fast, as the cache will still vanish in a month or so anyway! :-))

No matter it is just all pure imaginations and pure rumours or even hoax, it is no harm to have it posted, right? Why deleted it? Why prosecuted the new member? Why, why, why?? Some fanboys (both blind brand Pentax and now even PentaxForums' ones! >:-{) did still defend that that guy told lies, but so what? Do we need every *rumours* to be true before it can be *approved* to get it posted, especially at a "News and Rumours" section of such a forum!

Okay, back to that rumour, here is the deleted opening post to quote, by "SimonSmyth",

Subject: "Time To Stop Lurking : Tidbits on the pro model"

Content: "Ive been lurking on here for many months but finally friend here has insisted that I sign up, I decided after following threads on the new Pentax camera talk I shall give info, until photokina its all not official or real.

No FF plans until 2012 as 645D is filling this, Pentax may review this decision Mid - 2011.

Three new models will be announced at Photokina.

1. K7 Super - a. Upgraded AF sensor 2. manual video with 720p60. 3. Same 14mp sensor with major improvements for noise and banding.

2. K5 - Will be model between k-x & k-7. K-x with focus points, top lcd, will replace k-x next year. K-x was a "testing the waters" model it was rushed and suprised everyone for good reason!

3. Pro Model this has finally been pushed towards productions thankyou to early success of 645D. I am salivating at this model.

a. Pentax have really listened to feedback and made big changes, DFS can go bye bye for real. b. body is based on the K7 but slightly larger c. intended to compete with nikon d300s d. aimed at sports and action photographers, AF algorithms have been optimized for high speed and action (canon helped here alot). Pentax have had their 2 prototypes at the world cup this year. e. x-sync 1/250 but possibly up to 1/500 if electronic shutter is properly debugged. f. No AF motor for screwdrive g. pentax testing with 2 sensors one from canon the other from sony, both are 18mp decision is resting on final costs of production, if use canon sensor video performance same as EOS7D. g. no inbody stabilization (big shock!) but is it a coincidence sigma is releasing so many OIS lenses for pentax? h. new range of Pro* pentax zoom lenses basically DA* + OIS they will be black with red look very sexy and standout. h. single SDHC slot but optional battery grip will give second SDHC slow, pentax firmly against sdxc.

Thats all folks!"

Well, maybe I am also dreaming, but to tell you the secret, his "lies" do coincide well (almost 2/3, I think) for what I have been told by my own sources and also for what I have read elsewhere. So? ;-D

Just believe it or not. It's just a rumour after all. That is Only One piece of rumour amongst those all others in the sea of rumours on the Web everyday for many things! But as for the dirty hands and evil acts of the PentaxForums, I once again to remind YOU, as a Pentaxian, say NO to the PentaxForums and don't join such a dirty forum (as we can see clearly now!) whom the guys who control it has such a low moral and standards (even though they meant to earn more and much money now and that they hope much and very eager to do so!) Just ask yourself, should you help someone to earn money when they do evils and injustices? Ask yourself and think twice.. (and actually should be repeatedly from time to time no matter who, where and what!)

I encourage everyone to join back the old DPR Pentax Forum, which/where I think do still look far better and much more fairer!

Last but not least, as for that Norwegian SimonSmyth guy, he has done one very wrong thing for sure! That is, he should approach me to give his "secret insider" information known in hands instead of registering at the PentaxForums "after the encouragement of his friends" and then got killed overnight! ;-D [Simon, if you read this, drop me an email, my email link is at the Side Bar! :-)]

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