Friday, October 08, 2010

It's Time to Appreciate Some *Photos*!

Well, I think I have had more than enough gear talk today. It's the time to appreciate some good photos, which I mean, real ones but not photos of charts, brick walls, newspapers, camera gear boxes or even those photos that were taken at the streets just for the sake of measurbation! >:-|

Just come across a post at the Chinese Xitek Forum, they are all taken with a DA16-45 lens on a K-m (which both I also have):-
(in Simplified Chinese)

As Xitek doesn't allow direct linking, I have downloaded those great pictures, re-uploaded them to my Photobucket and have compiled a Slideshow below. Enjoy!

Now, I must confess. I ask myself: Why I have never been able to take great photos like those in my life, but only those "snapshots"? :-(( Just see:-

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