Monday, December 20, 2010

A PK Lens to EOS Body Adaptor that Supports Aperture and Focal Inputs Plus Focus Correction!

Amazing! What an excellent camera hacking job by that Chinese hacker/maker! Now you can enjoy all these functions with Pentax K-mount lenses on Canon EOS bodies. The aperture and focal will be recorded in EXIF and metering will be more accurate! The Pentax lenses can now be even focus adjusted on EOS bodies, which "genuine" Pentax users could not even do this and enjoy this "pro" feature on entry level or older K-mount Pentax DSLR bodies! :-o

See this:-

Really wonderful! Great Job, I have to say! :-D


Preview: Cantax K5D Full Frame! ;-)

My New APS-C K-mount ILDC! ;-D

My K-Mount EVIL is Here!

When the Focusing Screen Lies (for Focusing and Metering)

When the Focusing Screen Lies - Part 2

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