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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Will be My 10th/Next DSLR/ILDC Body?

Since January 2004, I have purchased nine DSLR and ILDC bodies. Below is the history and summary:-

2004: Pentax *ist D
2005: Pentax *ist DS
2006: Pentax K100D
2007: Canon EOS 5D
2009: Pentax K-m, Panasonic GF-1 (K-7 pre-order was cancelled, deposit refunded)
2010: Pentax K-x, Sony NEX-3
2011: Pentax K-r (K-5 pre-order was cancelled, deposit refunded)

And, some photos of my gear:-

So, what will be my next body? NEX-7/5N? The rumoured Canon 5D III? Or, the Pentax Q (Just!)? :-o Which one? Actually, I just don't know it myself, as I really don't have a crystal ball to tell! ;->

Besides, it is interesting to note that my Canon Full Frame 5D is the only digital camera body that could stop me from buying yet another new camera for two years long, "momentarily"!~ Indeed, no other body could "achieve" that so far! ;-p

Btw, I actually pre-ordered the K-7 back to 2009 at least one month before it was announced and also for the K-5 earlier this year with about 10% deposit money paid. But however, owing to various (unsatisfactory) performance and/or quality issues with the camera and bodies I received, I felt obliged to cancel both orders and opted to wait for the "next"! >:-( So, if I could "successfully" acquire them, I should already have had 11 digital bodies up till now, instead of 9 only. Nevertheless, do note that most of them are still Pentax ones, after all! :-o


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