Wednesday, February 08, 2012

DC Watch has Posted Product Images of the New(Upcoming) Pentax Stuff

Further to this today's news on Pentax' latest lens development disclosure, we have more useful information as follows, from the Japanese DC Watch:-

Credit: Blog reader Ying

By the way, why we need this? Just grab an existing $1-2 after-market black K-mount body cap and heat up an hot nail at the oven, the product is done at home DIY! :-D And, they don't worry about dust getting onto the sensor? :-o

And, the most important thing I can find is that Pentax is going to shorten the back focus register distance of the new lenses for the K-01 and upcoming mrrorless bodies! See this, it has a much recessed lens and optical rear!

I bet this might be a wider angle *true* "standard prime" btw (the 40mm XS isn't!), although nothing is disclosed about its focal and speed.

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