Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Official K-01 FAQs (Somewhat Detailed)

Whilst the K-01 is not on sales at Japan, it is rather strange that the Pentax Japanese homepage has published a full list of FAQs in Japanese over there, but which there is not any translated English version of it. What a marketing! :-o

(in Japanese, Google English Translation Here)

Btw, it is made clear that whilst continuous tracking AF is not possible during video recording, now the K-01 can be re-focused during video recording by pressing the AE-L/AF button, once it is set to do so in the custom menu. In fact, this is the first Pentax body which can do so, against what those Canon DSLRs were designed like that long time ago, since the 5D MkII back to 2008!

Besides, it is also noted that wireless flash is now not supported in-camera with the K-01.

Edit: Pentax/Ricoh has lately decided to put the K-01 into the Japanese home-market, although it was not announced at the same time when it was launched worldwide. (Credit: Blog reader dave9t5)

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