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Sunday, February 03, 2013

AF Performance and Accuracy Verified for the New K-5 Firmware! ;-D

At the Field! :-D (@ the Hong Kong Wetland Park.)

All the photos were taken with my K-5 with my F*300/4.5 lens mounted. The firmware programmed in body is the latest version of 1.14. Phase-matching AF was used mostly for nearly all the shots I took:-

What I subjectively felt was that the AF is somehow faster but I did not find any significant improvement in accuracy, which is yet considered to be fair to good. As for the metering accuracy, it seems that it is somehow improved.

Besides, I would like to add two images that were taken by my Pentax Q at the same place and same time. It is very convenient for not having to change lenses during shooting and especially when I was working with a bigger camera with a bigger lens. :-D It is quite ideal to have the small Q to shoot in conjunction for other things that do not require a long lens but a normal one.

Btw, who said the IQ of the Q is not good enough? The above are direct JPEGs from the camera but only just downsized and then lightly re-sharpened but no other re-touching of any! :-o

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