Wednesday, November 29, 2006

K10D Auto ISO finally works with EV Compensation?

Here is a good news about the K10D. A new user states that the EV (Exposure (Value)) Compensation function does not defeat the Auto ISO function, finally:-

I think in order to firmly confirm the case, this is to be verified by more than one user, though. Moreover, as all Pentax user manuals of their DSLRs have *never* mentioned anything about this long-lasting significant "limitation" (strictly speaking, it can be regarded as a "bug"), we are actually having no idea from official source if this time it really works or not.

The more interesting thing is that I did report this problem on the Net back to early 2004, about my *ist D. However, I did receive numerous surprising responses like: "DSLR users should learn and know how to choose ISO manually", or "it is of no big deal" or "Auto ISO is for P&S shooters only", or alike and etc. Of course, there were even some more vigorous responses to my (just simple) statement of such a trivial design "limitation" which is indeed causing much inconvenience and is simply annoying.

While this problem has now been widely recognised by many Pentax DSLR users since it has been with us for years, and also with the growth of Pentax DSLR user base, I deeply feel sorry for Pentax that they have not improved their firmware for such a minor unthoughtful design for such an unreasonably prolonged period, even after their *ist Dx series of cameras have been discontinued. And still, the inability still holds true for my K100D.

Hopefully, this "improvement" is true. BTW, anyone can verify the case and re-confirm here?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but this limitation is clearly stated in the DS2 manual.

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