Saturday, December 29, 2007

K200D First Images Surfaced

The upcoming K200D images have first surfaced in the last 24 hours over the Internet, here are one of the posts which include some of those first images, which look like to be official ones:-

(Click the images above to enlarge and see the original images)

But then conspiracy theory by some people will let them think that those are fake images by Photoshop works or etc. However, there are more evidence these images are true, just see:-

(Click the images below to enlarge and see the original images)

So, what's new here? What are the new stuff and features? And what are the actual design and specifications? Well, below are the changes which I can observe:-

1. The traditional taller PENTAX logo, which was usually used in the printed catalogues in the 80s and 90s, has been used to print on the body. It seems that the logo is not carved but just silk-screen printed, too;

2. There is a new "Green Button" on the top panel near the shutter release button, for some kind of resetting function, like that in the K10D, which is called Hyper functions by Pentax;

3. A "RAW Button", which was first introduced in the K10D, is added;

4. Sv (Sensitivity Priority) mode is added;

5. Possibility of adding vertical (battery(?)) hand grip;

6. Anti-slipping rubber has been added at the right thumb holding position (that no entry level Pentax DSLR/SLR has ever had in the past);

7. It seems that the SD card door opening/closing mechanism has been changed.

However, the following are just the same as the K100D, very likely:-

1. Three inch (3") LCD monitor? Nope, I am afraid. The LCD monitor seems to be still 2.5" by viewing the layout and compared to the K100D;

2. Viewfinder is the same as the K100D, i.e., a Penta-mirror one with the same magnification, and with the same single layer of thin greenish coating too (and for the outside of the eyepiece only);

So, afterall, let's wait for the release of this camera and hope that it is much better deep inside and can upkeep with the other DSLRs of the competitors in terms of image quality, accuracy, speed and performance, etc. I expect it will be a 10MP model which is built on the K100D fundamental with enhancements and modifications.

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