Friday, February 06, 2009

Exploded View Diagrams of the K20D and *ist DL

PentaxForums new member "odgc8" posted the Exploded View Diagrams of the K20D and the *ist DL respectively some days before:-

The direct links are as follows:-

Exploded View Diagram of the K20D] [Exploded View Diagram of the *ist DL]

For those Pentaxians who are interested, just download the pdf files and have a look. And, for those who find the diagram really useful and want to do something to your cameras, I still have a typical humble advice and actually warning to you: Be *careful* and do anything at your own risk. And, YOU are the ONE who *should* and are *knowing* what you are doing!

Just in case if you have no confidence, just don't do it.

Well, when I am saying "do" this and do "that" but actually do you know "doing what" and "what" purposes are the users for doing that? ;-) I dunno, only those users themselves would know! But possibly it can be this:-

The above modification looks quite meaningful.. (provided that you have the *need*!)

Good luck and Happy Camera Hacking! (if you wish and dare!)

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