Thursday, December 21, 2006

K10D Hyper Program Defeats Auto ISO

Here is a recent report by a K10D user about how the Hyper Program defeats the Auto ISO:-

The user desribes clearly in details about this bug found in his K10D, and actually he has checked and re-checked the problem again (previously I was wrong in the same thread by replying too early that it is "not a bug"! Just because I thought that it could not happen!):-

"I rechecked again. Definately there's a problem in Hyper program. In my eyes it is definately bug in firmware." - by a K10D user.

Regarding the final question he asks at the end of his post, "How do you report problems to Pentax?" I shall tell him that he can always try to email any user feedback to Pentax. However, my prolonged experience with Pentax tells me clearly that they *won't* reply - they simply ignored all my enquiries and reports, no matter how simple I typed my questions and how polite the tone was. In contrast, if marketing related questions were asked, they responsed within just several days! Funny but sad..

The more sad thing is that even Pentax did receive repeated numerous reports of a simple, obvious and undoubtedly annoying problem, like the (in)famous "EV compensation defeats Auto ISO" symptom in all their DSLRs except the K10D, they had never rectified the problem in any firmware update so far nor they could rectify the problem even in all their coming (once) new products throughout a mercyful lengthy period of more than 3 years, i.e., for all DSLRs marketed from Sept 03 (the *ist D) to Nov 06 (until the K10D). This is very unreasonable afterall.

Pentax's stubbornness and insistency for not having a significant (but simple) reported problem got resolved (not even to mention about the speed), is something that I can never understand.

Yesterday, Pentax have updated their firmware for most of their older DSLRs for SDHC support (but this is a second time firmware udpate on the SDHC compatibility issue). However, after downloaded and installed the latest firmware in my K100D myself, I found that the EV Compensation-Auto ISO EVIL is still there. So, this illustrate how Pentax is, as usual and again, being very unhelpful to all of their old customers, especially considering that the K100D is still a currently marketed product and more importantly, they have known the problem for so long but have come up with a solution, already, in the K10D.

Nonetheless, for those who use SDHC cards in your Pentax DSLRs (except the K10D), you can download the latest firmware here:-


Anonymous said...

People complaining about the Auto-ISO and EV compensation are Point-and-Shoot photographers who wanted to look more 'pro' so they bought a DSLR and expect it to act like a point and shoot. The kind of people who spend all of their time on photo-forums complaining about how they don't like they cameras. Real photographers are out there shooting !!

If you decided to move-up to a DSLR you should learn how to actually use it, AUTO modes are for beginners. Simply set a ISO value and then use exposure compensation. Is it that difficult ?

DSLR's require some knowledge and some thinking before shooting. If you cannot do this small effort you can move back to a Point-and-Shoot and you will be very happy.

RiceHigh said...

I'm afraid that what you suggest is both irrelevant and invalid, totally.

It is irrelevant just because people report a *bug* found in a *feature* of their cameras. No matter you find the feature useful (to you) or not, it is a feature made available by Pentax, already. And, no matter you could face the fact or not, the bug is still there!

It is invalid because "Auto" features help photographers to shoot quicker and hence more photo opportunities, but *only if* the photographers know when to use those auto features by first knowing how these work. If your argument is valid, then all DSLRs, no matter what brand they are, do not need Program exposure mode (which is auto for both Tv and Av), no Multi-segment Metering (which does its judgement automatically), no *Auto* Focusing, and so on. So, you can have all the control by yourself as "DSLR users should learn and know what to do (by) themselves", according to your argument.

But, what a camera you would have if your argument is valid? A MF DSLR with Spot Metering and Manual ISO and in Manual exposure mode? Could and will such a DSLR sell? And, how much time you will need to take a shoot (when you do everything by yourself)??

Indeed, you're not the first and only one who argued with this similar silly "ground" (but which is groundless, actually). Haven't you read my linked previous Blog entry? Here, it is (again!):-

Anonymous said...


You are clearly a patronizing no-brain who has not read the posts correctly. All functions of a camera should work as advertised.


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