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Pentax Still Came Last in 2007 DSLR Global Market Share

Here is a bit of an old news indeed, an Imaging Resource article, which was published earlier in April, talks about the global DSLR shipment worldwide in 2007 and the brand shares, according to the IDC figures:-

The key paragraph is extracted and quoted as follows:-

"dSLR growth reached 41 percent as shipments climbed to 7.5 million units. Canon was again number 1 with share of 43 percent, yet lost another 4 points on top of the 5 points the firm lost in 2005. Nikon was second with share of 40 percent, gaining 7 points from 2005. Sony again placed third, with a share of 6 percent, unchanged from 2005. Olympus, despite having a broader product lineup, failed to make it out of 4th place with a share of 6 percent, just behind Sony.", which simply just tells:

- Canon had 43% of the global market share in 2007;
- Nikon had 40%;
- Sony had 6%;
- Olympus had 6% (also, but just behind Sony, it is said)

Pentax is not mentioned in the report. But a quick subtraction reveals that the remaining market percentage left by all other DSLR vendors is just 5%. I bet Pentax wouldn't have acquired all the 5%, would they?

Since Pentax had yet already (virtually) come last in both 2006 and 2005 DSLR global share, according to what the sources of the published market reports told, Pentax has actually been ranked no. 5, or virtually the last for consecutive three years now (now in 2007 maybe even lower than the truly minority brands like Fujifilm, Panasonic and Leica, whom do not have a system of their own, as Pentax is not even mentioned this time, unlike in the previous two years). Really too bad and very sad.. :-((

So, afterall, the end results once again tell it all: The K10D and the K100D/Super were not selling well in 2007 globally. And now, from what I can observe and learn from different indicators and sources, the K20D and K200D are not even as "interested" as when the K100D and K10D were (just forget about the K100D Super in the second half of 2007, which was just a DSLR which rarely sold, as I predicted in the very beginning). If this situation and trend continues, I feel rather pessimistic if Pentax can survive and go on with her "business" in the coming days, not even to mention nobody except Pentax or Hoya knows what Hoya has been thinking and will decide to do in the next fiscal years, when the big boss Hoya looks back and is to be doing the company's (annual?) business review.

After all the bad news, what I really want to point out is without some kinds of minimal market insights, marketing creativity (e.g., this for what I suggested) and adequate R&D plus manufacturing/QC improvement initiatives and efforts (so as to resolve various problems as widely reported and upkeep their technologies and products with the competitors), there is no hope, really, I can surely tell.


Such gloom and doom said...

well Pentax has a play buddie called Samsung who was...
"The big winner for 2007 was Samsung, which was able to move solidly into the top tier of the market, with stunning success in Western Europe, Asia Pacific and parts of ROW, most notably Eastern Europe."
The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!

numbers game said...

2007 Pentax ran out of dslr stock late in 07 as they were in the middle of some hoya restructuring. P&S's were being "dumped" by Hoya to deplete stock of a market product that was not performing well.
08-09 will be the bellweather for Pentax. I predict they will post a low market share but within what they consider acceptable..
Mark my words ;)

Anonymous said...

Ricehigh, you really are a moron. You're not even hiding your anti Pentax stance any more.

Would I want 4% of a multi billion dollar industry? Yes please.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip Ricehigh!

This just shows that Pentax aren't in the top four. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

It´s enough RH for me - you are now on my ignore list - bye

Anonymous said...



NIKON will be worldwide the No.1 CANON No.2 and PENTAX will try to go to No.3 also worldwide - look out for their new KxxxxD volume model and later you will see a 1200 $ fullframe body. The others can only loose - PENTAX will win!

RiceHigh said...

According to CIPA figures, Japanese DSLR market constituted only 14% of the global market sales in 2007. So, for the first eleven months of 2007, whilst Pentax were able to get a 6.3% of the Japanese market, they fell short behind both Sony and Olympus even more significantly elsewhere in the world for their DSLR sales so that they still came last in the global sales results finally.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the footnote:
* Figures from CIPA represent only cameras made by Japanese manufacturers. This makes them fairly representative for all DSLR sales, as Samsung is the only major non-Japanese DSLR manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

Last or 4th Ricehigh? You are stating that Pentax is behind Sigma, Fuji, Kodak etc? Get your facts straight or maybe publish a retraction!

RiceHigh said...

Well, there are also Sigma, Fujifilm, Kodak (the three you mentioned), and also Samsung, Panasonic and Leica as well.

So, Pentax is only ranked fifth out of 11, there are still six DSLR makers behind her! Right?

But then you have missed the most important point, i.e., the actual market share! Now let's look at the six manufacturers who are "behind" Pentax: The Sigma DSLR system is virtually dead now. As for Fujifilm, Kodak, Pana/Leica and finally Samsung, do they have a *system* of *their own*? Just think about it!

Anonymous said...

I didn't miss the point. You have (yet again) misrepresented the facts.
This makes you a LIAR.

RiceHigh said...

What "lie"? IF *you* *must* count also those vendors who even do not have a system of their own and also Sigma who has actually been OVER in the GAME for quite a while NOW, the "fact" is that YOU just cannot face the *reality*. Just FACE it and you'll know the REALITY!

The good thing is that Pentax hasn't died yet and they still have a system of their own. BUT the FACT IS: PENTAX still came LAST in 2007! Get it?

drpepper said...

RH- fact is you misinterpreted the facts - that is a fact!

Anonymous said...

Pentax were fifth out of eleven. If they were last they would have come eleventh out of eleven. You intentionally distorted the facts to get people to read your pathetic anti-Pentax blog.

RiceHigh said...

No problem. You guys are right then. Pentax is being ahead in the game and is doing very well and is above average in the competition. Do you feel happier and better now? :-@

Anonymous said...

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics" is part of a phrase attributed to Benjamin Disraeli and popularized in the United States by Mark Twain: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." The semi-ironic statement refers to the persuasive power of numbers, and succinctly describes how even accurate statistics can be used to bolster inaccurate arguments.

RiceHigh said...

True, but without stats, there can be even more "damned lies".

Anonymous said...

No one asked you to present something that was biased towards Pentax. They were fifth out of eleven. The companies below them can be argued as not real contenders. They are last out of the current "Big Five". The fact remains that they were not last in DSLR Global Market Share. If you just presented the facts you wouldn't get all of this crap. You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

I will continue to support the small players (Pentax, Apple, Bang & Olufsen, Ferrari etc) and I will continue to thumb my nose at those over-engineered, bloated products from Canon, Microsoft and Ford.

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