Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camera Abuse on a Pentax W90! >:-(

Now, this maybe a new method of marketing, abuse the camera, put it to death and then use another one to complete the review and so on. It shows how sturdy such a shock and water resistant camera could be. Well, there should be a basket of camera units of the same model supplied by the camera company! Shouldn't it?

Nonetheless, it is just an utter non-sense for using tsim tongs to break the plastic LCD panel, but that crazy guy still did it! :-( (He is an aggressive marketing executive anyway! :-0)

The world is full of crazy people, I actually hate people who abuse camera gear, see this:-

For anyone who just don't need any gear, give it to others who need it. Don't abuse anything and don't waste the resources of the Earth under any circumstances! >:-(

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