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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Images of All New Products

DA* 60-250/4:

DA* 55/1.4:


DA L 18-55 and 50-200 Kit Lenses:

SDM DA AF Converter 1.4X:

DA 15/4:

( Source, with Full Press Release Article in German: http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/5269/nachrichtendivisionimagjz7.jpg )

Well, do Pentax really need to dig a deeper hole for them to jump into it with all these latest DA lens products and get buried eventually? Could any of those new DA products cover Full Frame? Or NOT?? Who knows??? .. UNLESS they tell us - BUT it SHOULD BE NOOOOW! NOT LATER!!

WHO *dares* to invest on those expensive gear (even) without the knowledge of knowing whether they can support full frame or not? EVEN though now there is no sign of any Pentax Full Frame camera yet. Hoya Pentax, you must face it - now the DSLR trend is TOWARDS FULL FRAME! Don't be a coward anymore! Be BRAVE and SMART *marketing-wise*!!

From what I could see from what's happening, it is just called stupidity and shortsightedness in my book but nothing else!