Friday, September 19, 2008

New Pentax K-m DSLR Surfaced!

Together with two new plastic DA "L" kit lenses where L stands for Lightweight, I believe, and "m" to be "mini". Well, this seems like to be somehow a Light joke to Canon and their users but actually a big joke to Pentax themselves, IMHO. Now, we Pentax users finally have the widely percepted luxury L lenses, but not made by Canon, which are just the bottom of the line products by Pentax which are told to be using plastic as far as possible (so as to save weight)! Really good, I can have both Canon and Pentax L lenses very soon!!

Source of information was *once* official (and actually it is just true), just see:-

The page has just appeared just shortly at the Pentax Europe (Germany) GmbH site but was removed quickly.

But someone has already copied the announcement and here it is:-

Well, the set price tags are not really cheap for the kits: 499 Euros for single kit with DA L 18-55 and 599 Euros for twin lens kit with also DA L 50-200. Competitive? I'm afraid NOT! (Unless the street prices are cheaper..)

In addition, there are more "insider" information as disclosed, just believe it or not:-

  • 10.2 MP Sony sensor - the same one used in the K10D and K200D
  • No LiveView (Huh! What? STILL Nooo LLLivveee Vieeeeeeeewwwwww?? OH NOOOO!!)
  • 3.5 fps (but dunno how many frames it can shoot up to)
  • "Help" button
  • 1600 shots per charge! (So, no more AA batteries but just a small, lightweight and powerful proprietary lithium rechargeable is to be provided? Possibly a new battery model which is smaller in size. Finally, Pentax has just been able to kill one big evil that has been hurting them and their users much for years if it really is! Well..)
  • No top monochrome LCD display panel, originally where now sits with a right hand mode dial
Source of Info:

Well, how about the AF and the AE systems used in this new body, still the old (too crappy IMHO) ones??


zntgrg said...

It uses AA batteries, but it does improve the performance, being on par with li-ion proprietary. Btw many people choose cameras just for having AA, it's not an evil thing...more a personal taste.

Regarding Live view, simply put no CCD sensor can do it...and 14,6 samsung CMOS it' not like an entry level thing!

Anonymous said...

NOOO, where's the pro dslr??

Petri Dish said...

According to the deleted Amazon page it still use AA batteries and have only 5 focus pt without mentioning which version of SAFOX is being used (or is it being a smart thing as it had some improvement over the first SAFOXVIII used in K100D ?)

Autofocus system: TTL Phase Matching with 5 focussing points (SAFOX) with indication in finder

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is the best action Pentax could take at this moment in time. The profit is in the volume / lower cost dslr market. Volume creates revenue, revenue funds R/D.
Until reviews are published, the jury is still out on how it will perform against the D60 or the 1000D but it looks a worthy adversary. It has the well known Sony 10M CCD, ISO rates from 100-3200 and starts at a RRP of €499 with 18-55 Kit L lens or €599 with the 18-55 and 50-200 Double Lens Kit.
I like the idea of the help button which accesses the built in online Help system.
Pros / Semi-Pros / Snobs will lament the lack of the FF K?D range topper but ask yourselves, how did you happen to get into the Pentax system in the first place? Was it with a Pro / Semi-Pro model or the easy to use lower end model which captured your imagination and sparked a lifelong love of the art of photography?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment on no CCD can do Liveview. Not true: the Sony A350 has a 14.2MP CCD with Liveview.
But it's true that the old 10.2MP Sony CCD as used in A200, D60 and K200D is not able to do LiveView.

And RiceHigh shows once again his bias against Pentax bashing a camera that is not yet announced officialy, let alone tested.

Trappist said...

Let's hope for their sake that this twice-recycled k10 won't be their only "news" while the advanced manufacturers battle for more MP at the FF segment of the market.

Anonymous said...

It's the best move of Pentax.
4 pancakes limited + camera with SR, smaller than DS, with 10 Mp.
It's the smallest DSLR in the world with in-camera SR.
VERY LOW COMSUMPTION - 1650 images with AA Lithium. World record!!!

Janneman said...

Maybe Canon did show the future...
Maybe it it is "good old"SAFOX VIII upgraded to SAFOX VIII MkII

Anonymous said...

Re: No CCDs can do 'LiveView'.

I'm pretty sure all the Sony CCDs in cameras like the Oly C5050, nikon coolpix line, etc, etc, Y'know, all those hundreds of point & shoot models that all use Sony CCDs.

Well they all have LiveView.

RiceHigh said...

I have written a new technical article about various different Live View and AF methods. I hope this would give a better understanding on the topic.

Anonymous said...

I don't want LV and CMOS sensors

A.T. said...

yes, AA batteries are on top of reasons for still-buying-Pentax last 10 years.

RTogog said...

This camera type is only follow other Pentax competitor trend. Should Pentax consider to develop small camera like this but bundled with all features that exist on their high end DLSR (K20D). It will be an reasonable upgrade from Pentax *ist D user and will remind us to their success decades ago with their SLR M series.

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