Thursday, April 23, 2009

One More! (Fake)

Thank to Mr. "Anonymous" who has posted at my Blog (Who actually? :-)), I have another image:-

Image Source:

But do note that the neck strap buckles are somehow different to what we have seen lately for other images (especially for the right hand side one of which the difference is obvious), whereas the overall appearance of the above camera is similar to what we have seen in the other images. Maybe a leaked image of just an earlier prototype, of the same model?

Edit: FAKE Image! I've just figured out that there is no lens release at the usual position for any K-mount cameras! And that the Pentax logo seems to be not so well placed and naturally integrated to the body! Oh, I must confess.. :-( Just because I'm too excited and so much in a hurry to report! ;-)

Just treat this image as a grain of salts anyway and it may still be entertaining, though. Sort of..


Anonymous said...

Different camera, not the new K7

Peter Fang said...

Trust me this is not the K-7. Either a photoshop job to try to fool us into believing it's the K-7, or this could be a picture of another new camera, perhaps one to replace the K200D later in the year.

Peter Fang said...

My guess is that this is a photoshop job. Unless Pentax decides to use two different kinds of strap buckles on their new cameras which doesn't make much sense.

Anonymous said...

looks ugly like Sony900

Anonymous said...

Could be an early mock up, a prototype. Almost there...

Anonymous said...

Amazing how little camera historical knowledge the general internet population seems to have, considering all the noise regarding rumours.

It's an obviously Photoshopped Contax NX. (Yes, a film camera, which was the baby brother of the N1, predecessor to the ND, the first full frame digital SLR.)

Google is your friend.

RiceHigh said...

Oh, so its a HOAX! Too bad.. :-L

Anonymous said...

Why would someone do that. A fake.
These cunning bastards are everywhere.

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