Monday, March 02, 2009

First "Convincing" Pre-PMA Pentax Leak

I have seen at the forum today a post which I believe to be the first valid Pentax pre-PMA product leak which looks quite real to me:-

The attached product image is directly linked here:-

I think the source is more reliable by judging from the "quality" of the image, which does not look fake but even more like an official one. Besides, which can be important is the maybe indirect but still somehow close relationship of the poster with the Pentax Imaging.

Actually, more than one month ago, someone has told this before. But since it lacks reliable and "authoritative" source as it looked, I just regarded this as a pure rumour. However, but with the above post and image, this post now serves as a good supportive "evidence" for what it is going to happen!

Btw, I guess this new camera is not necessary to be a Prosumer, despite that it has EVF (and thus of course with LiveView and possibly also with Video Recording/Movie function). And, I do still put some of my bets for that it could still be a K-mount camera, just with the Pentamirror and reflex mirror removed (i.e., a K-mount version of the Micro 4/3), especially by judging its size which is not as small as those Prosumers and more like the K-m! Sensible speculation?

Well, more for why such a guess? I guess Pentax needed to do something more "ground-breaking" than what others have already had. If they just market a "Prosumer", why people would choose a Pentax, but not a Fujifilm? Considering also that the market of Prosumers is shrinking..

Lastly, it seems that there is a new Optio to come, as seen in a latest PMA booth photo here that is still under decoration, it is printed "Sport Optio" for one of the counters. I hope not this counter is just used to promote those old W series Optios, anyway, although possible.

There are just two days to come, let's wait and see and we shall know very shortly!

Update (3-2 p.m.): Pentax X70 Super Zoom DC @ $399.95 (Yes, it's just a DC! :-()

Update (3-2 late evening):-

I am rather disappointed with this "Pentax" X70, it is yet another mediocre OEM product of the Nikon P90 and Olympus SP-590UZ clone, with a small 1/2.33" sensor, and without full HD video capability (just 1280 x 720 "HD" video). Full specs and images of the "three" cameras are as follows:-

And, note also that the X70 does not have a "SMC" Pentax lens, but just a "Pentax" lens. I think this would be the last time I write about the X70, I shall just forget about it from now on.. (Sighhh..)

Yet again, Pentax let many Pentaxians down, I believe.


RiceHigh said...

Quite some people at DPR and PentaxForums have pointed out that there is a macro button and thus it is just a Prosumer with a built-in lens, i.e., nothing K-mount. Oh, no..!

But, what's the point of Pentax to make a "Pentax" Prosumer right now?

Anonymous said...

Just another consumer bridge superzoom (X70?). LOL & face detection button :)

PeterZheng said...

maybe tomorrow everyone would see this?

PMA News: Samsung Promises Interchangeable Lens Hybrid
Samsung promised a new "hybrid" interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C-sized image at the PMA show.
Samsung’s forthcoming model will not not have a reflex mirror

PeterZheng said...

Pentax and Samsung are a cooperation between the new EVF-APS camera?

Details at press time were sparse but the model is expected to offer an APS-C sized sensor, an electronic viewfinder, and a live view LCD. It is due in the second half of the year.

PeterZheng said...

the news about Samsung:

PeterZheng said...

Yes, it's just a DC, ----Pentax X70. today I cannot longer guess that Pentax has an EVF APS-c camera to be like Samsung NX.

US $399.95, it has nearing one K-m kit's price. (K-m body + 18-55zoom + 200FG Flash = 520-540.00 USD.)

I would remember Pentax SuperME, SuperA, Z1P, FA Lenses, but those have ended, them no longer get back.

I had disassembled a SuperME as well as a Z1P, I have to say that: this yesterday's Z1P its craft is better than today's K10D.

1996-2006, Pentax's electronic craft way did not go forward. some poor electronic craft ways to scrabble on the new digital circuit.

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