Tuesday, August 18, 2009

POLL: Will You Get the K-7? (2nd Call)

Last time, when the K-7 was launched officially on 5-21, I created this Poll:-


I put a "Yes" entry after I created the poll. Now, after all those user reports (good or bad), photo samples and reviews etc. about the K-7 these days, if you are to make up your mind by now, will you still get the K-7? Or Not?

So, I start another poll again for the same question. As previously, I shall enter my vote shortly after the poll creation. Let's see if there will be any big difference and what the results will be.

Will You Get the K-7? (2nd Call)

The direct link of the poll page and results is:-


Remark: Just in case if you have *already* got the K-7 and happy with it, just click "Yes". On the other hand, if you have got the K-7 but unsatisfied and feel remorseful, click "No".

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