Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog Notice: Image Download Service is Unavailable in the Meantime

Owing to too many visits and "too much" traffic for downloading the recent images for measurbating purpose, the image server has been "down" and all the images hosted cannot be downloaded and viewed (thus they are not displayed on my Blog pages). :-(

I shall need some time to re-edit my recent articles, full 100% crops and comparisons will be made, so that faster and thus easier viewing will be facilitated, and bandwidth will be saved.

If you're interested in my those articles, please come back later. I apologise for the inconvenience for the time being!

Update 1-21: The Yahoo Web Hosting server continues refusing to work and block traffic whenever just some more readers attempt to download the small-sized jpeg crop pictures linked in my recent Blog posts.

I am checking the issue with Yahoo and hope that they can rectify the problem (my wishful thinking, I know). As I have NEVER experienced the same "bandwidth" problem with my old Geocities' "limited bandwidth" plan but is now opposite from day to day with Yahoo Web Hosting's ""Unlimited" bandwidth" plan (!?), I feel obliged to say only a few words to conclude: Yahoo Lies and Sucks!

With such poor performance and reliability of the web hosting service, I am afraid that my upcoming K-x review will be delayed, until I can find a solution for the picture hosting and sharing issue. Just to tell further, I have my K-x full review almost completed but how can I publish a review without pictures? :-)

Btw, my K-x review is written in a very comprehensive and special way, I am quite sure that you will not be disappointed! Just be patient. As long as I find the solution, I will put it online.

I just hope that the old Geocities hasn't been closed yet. But anyway it's true.. Now Yahoo just plays tricks with their customers as well as all the internet readers. They offer an "unlimited" bandwidth plan but just limit the traffic in a very mean way and cut down your site for prolonged time whenever such a ridiculously low transfer rate limit is exceeded! So? @_@ :-o

Update 1-22:-

I have cancelled that fucking Yahoo Web Hosting "service" - my site is consistently down and I have sent them three emails for two days but got No Reply at all!

I have already subscribed to a new image/video hosting service (but they promised much more bandwidth which is *just* "limited"!). I shall repair all the broken links within my Blog as soon as possible and as far as I can, with different priorities. And, in the future, I shall choose to re-publish some of my old but more useful/important technical articles / pages that were hosted at the Yahoo/Geocities, including the Blog Disclaimer, which will be the first one to be re-published.

When I have repaired all those things of mine which are jeopardized by the Yahoo!, I shall go on to re-edit (yes, I need to edit again all the links! >:-|) my K-x review and get it published as soon as I can, that will then yet come with more sample photos and videos!

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