Saturday, January 16, 2010

K-x Different Noise Reduction Settings and Results

Update (1-22): All image files have been migrated to the Photobucket (as I do not use the sucking Yahoo Web Hosting "service" anymore), I hope it works this time! And, just to say sorry again for the inconvenience for being unable to view images these days..

Update (1-19):
You can now download Crops from the original full sized images by clicking the following links. The Crops were made by IrfanViewer viewed in 100% and then saved as 100% Quality Jpegs, all EXIF preserved:-

NR Off

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]
NR Low

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]
NR Medium

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]
NR High

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

[Crop1] [Crop2] [Crop3]

Shooting Conditions:-

1. All shots was taken at the same time (almost) and place; Light source was diffused daylight indoor, Auto White Balance;

2. The camera was mounted on a sturdy tripod, shutter fired with an IR remote controller, SR turned off automatically as such;

3. Lens used is my early Japanese production FA 43/1.9 Limited (Effective Film Focal/AOV: 66.0 mm); Av Exposure Mode at f/5.6 (which should be the sharpest aperture for this lens), Evaluative Metering, +0.3EV Exposure Compensation;

4. Other Settings: AF-S with Central AF Point; Finest JPEG, "Portrait" Custom Image Mode with Default Factory Settings (i.e., All at Zeros and Using "Sharpness", Not "*Fine* Sharpness"), Shadow Compensation and DR Expansion Off (Factory Defaults), High ISO NR Medium (Factory Default).

My Observations and Conclusion

Of course, as I encouraged you folks to do the last several times, you can always measurbate and draw your own conclusion(s) and find out what you like by yourself!

Still, this time I would write something about what I have seen and think: NR at ISO 800 is useless, it'd be better to disable it and turn it Off, otherwise it just makes things worse! NR at ISO 1600 is useful but at the "Weak" position only, otherwise more image details and much texture are lost; Ditto for ISO 3200.

And, ISO 6400 and 12800? My recommendation is do not use them unless you must do so!

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