Sunday, January 17, 2010

The SDM Petition Online

Update (2-11): The Petition has been exploding! Currently there are 656 signatures already. I have not signed yet, though, so as to keep me "neutral" in the case! ;-)

Just read a post at the DPR Pentax SLR Forum about the subject issue, quoted:-

"Someone at Pentaxforums has created a petition regarding the unacceptable SDM from Pentax.

I think this is a good idea.
There must happen something.

Here is the link if you want to read it and sign it:"

And, the latest signature and comment page is here:-

I do encourage any Pentaxian to sign and write something if you feel the same. In fact, what I think Pentax/Hoya should, in the following order of sequence and priority:-

1. Review the SDM design and/or the manufacturing process so as to improve its reliability (make it not so vulnerable) and performance (running/working at a higher speed);

2. Initiate Product Recall for all the affected users and provide Free upgrade/replacement services, after the latent defect(s) has(have) been located and hardware revision/update has been achieved;

3. Update the Firmware of Pentax DSLRs to allow an Option to select whether the users want to use SDM or screwdrive for AF if their lenses support both, i.e., namely, only the DA*16-50 and the DA*50-135.

For more SDM issues as reported and documented in my this Blog, you can use the Search funciton, e.g.:-

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