Wednesday, March 10, 2010

100% Bingo! I Derived Exactly Correctly for the 645D Actual Sensor Size!

One year ago, I made my calculations and guessed on the 645D sensor size. Some people did disagree much at my Blog and also elsewhere on the net, but now it is proven today that I did guess right and correctly for the exact figures, 100% correct! =Victory= :-D

Just see the official announcement that has just been published:- (645D Product Preview News Vol. 5)

Quoted, "新製品では44×33mm大型CCDセンサーを搭載。35ミリ判とは世界が違う描写を実現するPENTAX 645D。"

Well, even Pentax reps at the last year's Japanese PIE said that they could not tell at that point, which I also reported.

So, anyway, let's simply wait for this "4433D" (which this name I gave to the 645D one year ago!), there is only one day to come!

Last News: A Little Bit More Update on the 645D (Official)

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