Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Interview with the Managing Director of Pentax Europe, Mr. Hiroshi Onoda

The original interview is posted here:-


(Babelfish translated article for the interview can be read Here)

Our the *Only* "Pentaxian of the Year" (2008), Mr. Lance Blackburn, has posted also some of his comments and guesses over the DPR, most of which I think are quite sensible and it's worth to take a look:-


(N.B. "The other forum post" as quoted by Lance is this one. It seems that Lance has been very careful for not mentioning the PentaxForums at the DPR! ;-) Commercial competition is just so cruel, anyway!)

So, it's Official now! Let's wait for that higher model (above the K-7, or simply a K-7 replacement - the K-7 successor is going to be stronger than the K-7, right?).

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