Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now, Everyone Has EVIL Except the Big Boys! ;-)

(Picture Source: PhotoRumors.com)

Sony's EVIL, the NEXes, finally arrive!


Olympus has EVIL, Panasonic has EVIL, Samsung has EVIL and finally Sony also has the EVIL! And maybe Ricoh also has an EVIL.. (But I would say Ricoh's GXR is an EVIC - Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Cameras! ;-))

Now, it leaves just the big boys like Canon and Nikon don't have such an EVIL! So, the logic now becomes the big boys don't need, won't make and won't sell any EVIL.

So, is Pentax a big boy then? Congrats, Pentax! ;-D

Btw, I guess Pentax's APS-C DSLR system is just so strong that they don't need any Full Frame cameras nor an EVIL system! :-o

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