Monday, May 24, 2010

If You Were Pentax, What Would You Do Now? (Poll)

If You Were Pentax, What Would You Do Now?
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Since Pentax does have very limited resources and Hoya has been very cost conscious, I suppose Pentax cannot do them all at a time. Do choose the way/option that Pentax should go and do it first. The (right) thing that you think Pentax should give it the priority should receive your vote!

Update (5-27): There are 351 votes received so far in about 72 hours. Just let me have a quick summary on the results up till now..

The Full Frame group wins (by a fraction) this time! For most of the Pentaxians who've voted, in 40%, want a new Full Frame DSLR from Pentax. The next group is 37% of the people who still want Pentax to concentrate on APS-C and make better DSLRs in the 1.5X crop factor. And not to my total surprise, the poll also proves that there is always a potential market for the EVIL, there are 17% of the people just want an EVIL from Pentax!

And then, the remaining two choices are actually the minorities. both in only 3%, respectively. The funniest thing is that the results show that there is no difference for Pentax going digital MF from rather just sitting there and wait to die! :-o Lol.. ;-D

Last but not least, if you haven't voted, you can continue to make your choice here. It would be interesting to see if the results could be changed later! :-)

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