Thursday, May 20, 2010

K-7 Have Been Launched One Year. But Then..

One year ago, the K-7 was announced and launched. I helped Pentax to make an unofficial full product launch release 1 day+ before and actually more than 1 month before for the pre-notice.

Now, one year has elapsed. What Pentax/Hoya has gained with the K-7? What achievement has they made with this K-7 "flagship"? Is the K-7 a successful model? Has it helped Pentax? Is it the real honour for we fellow Pentaxians? Which model is actually most important for Pentax throughout the year and keep the brand alive and keep Hoya in (DSLR) business with the brand Pentax?

Well, I think most of us have the clear answers for the above questions, objectively. Obviously, it is not the K-7!

Whilst Pentax has just told us officially that the K-7 replacement or upper class model is coming, I hope Pentax/Hoya should and could do it right and could success this time! ..instead of another failure. But they should act faster and in a more accurate way in response to the market needs and trend. In fact, we do not really need Pentax/Hoya to tell us everything or anything on what they will do. If you are having a more careful mind, actually guessing and knowing their next move is not that difficult, provided that they have decided something. For instance, I was able to predict the K-7 model would come to an end last time when they launched the K-7 Silver Limited, three months ago back to February! =Victory=

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