Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am Back!

You may notice that I have not updated my Blog for a whole week. You may think that there is no more special news on the Pentax side, which is somehow true but then more because I've been just way too busy in the last week for a business trip at France, for both business matters and some sight-seeing also afterwards. Actually, I am still at Paris de Gualle right now waiting for a late mid-night flight back to Hong Kong. It is just too boring for the time being but would see if I'd have the mood to select some photos taken in the trip for posting later. So, please come back! :-)

Besides, I noticed that now Google had mirrored my Blog site at each larger country in the world for better traffic management and share the loading of their servers. For example, here at France the URL is instead of as before. The original site domain is now simply used for forwarding in other countries other than the US, where most readers of mine are based.

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