Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Pentax SR is Not Yet Conforming to the New CIPA Standard for Image Stabilization Performance

See what our knowledgeable ex-Pentaxian (now a Nikon D800 user), Falk Lumo (aka Falconeye, who is an engineer I believe), has reported yesterday at the PF:-

It is reported that according to the new CIPA standard, more precise description on the IS (SR) performance must be specified. Whilst Nikon has already updated their specifications for their products, Pentax has not yet done that so far, and the descriptions of the SR performance of products are clearly not complying to the new Standard and the latest requirements of the CIPA,  which Pentax is still a member of the Body, Right? Nope? Because "Pentax" the Company is just Non-Existent Now?! >:-o

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