Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Reactions of Pentaxians for the Deletion of the "Pentax" Name from Companies!

(Above: A picture drawn by a Pentax user at the Japanese Kakaku Pentax forum, directly linked.)

As we all have learnt, the word "Pentax" will be deleted from all the Ricoh Imaging companies worldwide very soon. Let's see what are the reactions of all we Pentaxians at DPR, PF, Here at my Blog, Kakaku (Japan), Xitek (China), PFC (Taiwan) and DCH (Hong Kong) and etc..

Reactions are overall negative, Pentaxians are feeling worried, insecure, upset, hurt, pissed off, much angered, desperate and whatsoever. Fanboys jumped in between the lines to defend but they help nothing neither and actually it is also clearly shown that they feel rather uneasy themselves. By the way, is our name of the alleged "Pentaxians" still valid?! >:-o

Someone has PSed a Ricoh KR-10 to the following and posted at the Pentax Forums thread above, of which the Rikenon lens is marked as "Revuenon" now, which is quite true for the situation although it is rather sad! What a Revenge it really is! When we look back the history, Ricoh was only a small company who produced their SLRs only under the license of Pentax to allow them to use the K-mount! Btw, just look at the silly lens coating of that Rikenon lens below, which is actually far inferior to the SMC coating of *any* Pentax lens, as it is just so reflective! :-o

After all, this is a marketing nightmare and must be the worst decision made in the whole history of Pentax, since 1919 of the last century, for almost one century ago!

In fact, all those now so-called "Ricoh" Imaging Companies are actually still selling/manufacturing "Pentax" cameras/lenses as the core business - in the meantime! Why deleting the "Pentax" name? What are the real Plan behind Ricoh for what to do next on "Pentax"?? My humble opinion is that should it be better and cleverer to just change the company name to "Ricoh Pentax" from "Pentax Ricoh" if Sovereignty had to be declared! Why the "Pentax" name must be removed and completely be got rid of?!

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