Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr. Blurry Cameraphone Posts More K-7 Samples

If you view Mr. Blurry Cameraphone's Blog regularly, you would have noticed that he has posted more pre-production K-7 samples in his blog site, further to his last ones more than one week ago:-

1. Mr. Blurry Camera's family photos and his lovely son:-!9C2325683F4C3B9C!11142.entry

Photos taken with the FA 31 Limited on a Pre-production K-7 with Firmware Version 0.2. Judge the image quality yourself but all photos look nice to me and they do show good colours, sharpness, bokeh and white balance. And, the exposures are mostly accurate too - IF these were taken with the supposed "fool-proof" Matrix metering system with Zero Exposure Compensation, then it would be a very good news! Anyway, since no EXIF is preserved, I cannot verify this further.

2. K-7 on the Sea!:-!9C2325683F4C3B9C!11081.entry

Want to see how sea water is splashing on the K-7 camera? Look there!

Enjoy! And I hope Mr. Blurry Cameraphone will get a production K-7 very soon and I am sure he will post more sample photos.


Anonymous said...

WB and exposure are rather correct. It's good

mw said...

Where, however, will K-7 place on this rating:
(If you have already seen it or discussed, disregard my post).

What's interesting, by the way, is that Samsung GX20 placed higher on their list of RAW quality than any of the Pentax cameras. Overall it was rated as 16th, K10D - as 21st, K20D - as 22nd, and K200D and Km - as 27th and 32nd, respectively (out of 73 cameras capable of RAW recording they tested; mostly dslrs, although there are a few of RAW recording compacts, needless to say at the very bottom of the list).
This RAW quality (although presented in a very quantitative manner) consists of three compartments. GX20 and K20D are worst in dynamic range, whereas K10D is very poor in Low-light ISO.
Certainly, the diferences at this level (beyond 15th place) are small. The real ones are seen at the very top. NikonD700, for $2700 is a real-world winner, I think.

mw said...

And one more thing about the above (for I am a proud owner of K10d):
When you take into account only 10-12 Mpix division, K10D is the second one out of 27 such cameras, and if you factor in aps-c only, then K10D is the BEST RAW recorder ever (out of 13 such cameras).
Eh..., these were the times for Pentax Co. Long gone...

Anonymous said...

Fort the last link :

Read the top of the page :
"(Note for you none-chinese reader: THESE ARE NOT K-7 SAMPLE PHOTOS)"

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