Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sample Video Clips of the K-7

Here comes two new sample video clips from the K-7 Beta at YouTube:-


(Original Source:
Somehow slow to download and it may not be able to playback continuously - I tried several times and sometimes it was okay.)


Well, my impression is that the video quality is just so-so, with some video blocks that are quite visible (especially when you have seen the original Korean Shockwave Flash file). The problem maybe owing to conversion loss, though. But I can see much jumpiness in the second video clip, which this time possibly would not be a YouTube or conversion problem, then.

Btw, I just tried both the Canon 500D and Panasonic GH1's video function yesterday. The GH1 video is the best and as well expected. Its CDAF (Contrast Detection AF) is obviously faster than the 500D. And most importantly, everything with the GH1 is real time and automatic, including the AE, which are both operated silently without any noticeable sound as claimed (I tried it at the Panasonic showroom where was quiet). But, I still miss the power zoom of a DV camera and so do the variable speed power zoom control, too. Besides, the video of 500D is also quite good in quality and I think it is marginally useable for the focus control - which the user needs to press the AEL button to do CDAF each time when it is required. Depending on the lighting condition and the contrast/pattern details of the subject/object, it will finish faster or longer. I have tested the 500D at two different shop for its video mode. In most cases, it required about 3 seconds to achieve the focus. In optimal situations, 1 to 2 seconds might be possible.

Anyway, I would still think that holding a DSLR for video shooting is just uncomfort and somehow strange, nor the "video camera" would be stable enough for final good results. This can be seen in both the above sample video clips as well. And, isn't that the K-7 has built-in image stabilisation system (aka SR), but frankly I can't see that in action in both of the above. And in fact, as far as video quality is concerned, I'm afraid that my 4 years old Sony 3CMOS DV camera easily blows most DSLRs away, even they are claimed to be in HD quality or even Full HD. Not even to mention the differences in operation convenience and usability.

Now, let's look back to the K-7 video function, I have heard that K-7 firmware 0.2 would allow the command of CDAF during video recording whereas the newer version 0.34 has disabled the CDAF once video recording has started (it would do once beforehand automatically, though). Whilst no body would know what the future final production firmware will do at this moment but I must say if there is no CDAF in video mode, then this will be a big missing - WHY all K-7 users have to do MF when the camera is capable of doing the CDAF under the video mode? As for the AF noise issue, the user will decide himself! Pentax should also note that it is now a standard feature in the competition for all other latest DSLR video cameras in the market. Just please don't let alone the K-7 to be lame in this regard! Please..


Mirek said...

Quote: "But I can see much jumpiness in the second video clip, which this time possibly would not be a YouTube or conversion problem, then."

I think this is not so - so far EVERY HD video I played from youtube (Pixar Up! trailer - for instance) had the same "jumpiness". Btw the author of the video also refers to this problem and states there is no jumpiness on the original file.

Youtube may not be the best source for video comparison/evaluation IMHO. I like the video though, seems promising :)

Anonymous said...

Manual focusing is much better option - who cares about AF in video cameras anyway? And about your Sony DV camera blowing DSLR video - you have absolutely no idea what are you talking about. Period.

Anonymous said...

This is all moot. You don't even know whether these videos were made with a K-7 or a camcorder. If they were made with a K-7 then with pre-production, old firmware. These videos tell you nothing about K-7 production video quality. Waste of space and time.

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