Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Notice: I Shall (Re)move My Yahoo Geocities Webpages and Articles Soon :-(

As some may know, Yahoo Geocities is now dying and they will close down later on this year. When any Yahoo Geocities user login to their frontpage, the following "important announcement" will be displayed:-

"After careful consideration, Yahoo! has decided to close GeoCities later this year.

You can continue enjoying your GeoCities service until then, and when we close, we'll make it easy for you to transition to Yahoo! Web Hosting. You don't need to change a thing right now — we just wanted you to let you know about the closure as soon as possible. We'll share more details this summer. For now, please visit the help center for more information."

As such, I have to decide if I shall keep my Geocities Website, Pages and Articles (all more or less about Pentax gear and general technical articles on DSLR photography). In fact, I have tolerated for long the very bad services, poor system reliability, system and software bugs of the Geocities as well as the really inferior Cost to Performance/Service Ratio and inferior, ridculous, crappy and non-existent customer service! And that's why they are now dying now and will die soon! I have no intention and motivation of any kind to move to the even more expensive Yahoo Web Hosting service and particular with all those adverse past track records of the Yahoo Geocities, I think I can easily make the *right* decision this time and not any Yahoo paid service anymore! NO, absolutely, NOT!!

In fact, my free Google and Photobucket services have served me far well than what Yahoo Geocities have been giving me so far. For years Geocities have on-and-off messed up many of their basic services like website stats, data loss, download/upload errors, control interface bugs/display errors but they have been charging me rather relatively a lot of money for their very limited but problematic services. In fact, they had even increased the service charge up to nearly 50% without giving their users reasonably enough time of prior notice.

In the past few weeks, I have been unable to login my billing page at which is just something somehow worrisome and much annoyed. I reported that serious system error after it had been persistent for days but they have been ignoring all my fault reports and repeated requests for checking (Yes, I just asked them to check, not even hoping that they could resolve their problem immediately). Now the amusing thing is that they have simply ignored me totally after several crappy, useless and totally a waste-of-*my*-time copy-and-paste email conversations through their Yahoo Geocities customer "support" "personnels" (but I would say they are just human *robots*!).

There are more of those ridiculous cases on how Yahoo Geocities sucks, indeed. A quick Google will return all those reports of some of those poor victims. Most case are very similar and they are all in common for the ridiculousness and all are just jokes (but many of those are just even worse than mine), here is one funny but sad example:-

Quoted for what the site owner and yet another Yahoo Geocities Victim writes, "As you probably know, it is rarely accessible and slow to load. The old link was defunct for a long time and now seems to have been replaced by an adult website - I have nothing to do with this. I have written several emails but these have been ignored. Totally. I would recommend you either email and complain but they will ignore you anyway. I have now changed service to another company who are making a much better job of running the website, unlike Yahoo Geocities, who in my opinion couldn't find their backside with both their hands."

Well, I really cannot imagine if my DSLR and Pentax related pages are turning into Adult pages some days even though I have been paying them monthly and when you click on the links!(? :-o) Okay, now, let me talk back about my website and articles.. I shall try to migrate some of my more important and popular Technical Articles such as those on the Camera Light Metering, Theroies and Bases, K-mount Metering and Exposure Bases, General Flash Exposure and Metering, P-TTL Working Principles and Limitations, or, maybe my once "famous" and popular K100D "Special" Measurbation Review and other short/quick experiments with Pentax and DSLR gear (see some more of those at the "My Other Links" section in the right hand side column of my this Blog) and so on.

Of course, I shall try to move and maybe somehow re-write those as "new" technical articles at my Google Blogger Host, which have been found to be very good and reliable in most aspects and it is just for "Free"! Nevertheless, I think this will consume me a lot of TIME and I cannot make any commitment at this stage. But since Yahoo/Geocities have been pushing my tolerance limit once and once again with what they are doing, I think I have to cut the service and cancel my paid account as soon as possible. This time, it is really rather ridiculous and dangerous that now I am even not be able to log into the billing page at Yahoo!? And more so for their poor and "don't care" attitude in treating my this case as rather casual and "nothing at all"! :-L I have to say again that I am really much annoyed by them!!

Last but not least, I apologise for any inconvenience caused and I take this chance to thank all those of my readers who have read my pages for these few years since 2005 and particularly for those who have given me their/your kind support and generous comments and encouragements when they (you) sent me the kind words over these years! :-) Thank YOU!

In addition, be prepared to see some deadlinks at my Blog, no matter for some simply html pages for sub-articles/summary tables and some linked pictures as well when my Geocities account is removed! But, I shall try to fix those one by one if and when time allows and also I should find a new web host for the service. IF you have any good web hosting service/company to recommend, please kindly drop me a comment here, to my this Blog Post! Thanks much in advance! :-)

As a reminder, if you find any of my those Geocities articles useful and wish to save a copy at your PC(s), just free feel to do so and you will help to use up those expensive but limited Geocities bandwidth that I have bought, for the last time! I guess I shall cut my Geocities account within this month, once I have the time to ftp all my files overthere and sit down and think how I should migrate my old works, which is just quite a headache for me! :-(


Anonymous said...

Check out hostgator!! Very good reviews. Just moved my stuff to them a couple of weeks ago from geocities plus.

RiceHigh said...

Thanks much for the recommendation! I shall study their plans. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you know?

Anonymous said...

Check out Viviti - :)

RiceHigh said...

Thanks for the recommendation and I will check it out! :)

Walter said...

If you have a URL I'll host it for Nothing. Have just figured out how to use and meter with my old K mount lenses on my *ist D thanks to one of your articles. One of my many email adresses is on the bottom of this site.

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