Monday, April 04, 2011

New Blogger Viewing Interfaces/Themes

I don't know if these will be more reader-friendly for portable devices. And I don't know if you would like them more than the traditional one. Just try them out yourselves to see if you like any of them or would they be more readable:-

Flipcard - RiceHigh's Pentax Blog

Mosaic- RiceHigh's Pentax Blog

Sidebar - RiceHigh's Pentax Blog

Snapshot - RiceHigh's Pentax Blog

Timeslide - RiceHigh's Pentax Blog

Anyway, if I have to choose one out of these, I prefer the "Sidebar", which is neat and tidy and easy to read IMO. (whilst some other basic information of my Blog are omitted, though. :-()

Out of curiosity, I am also making this Poll. Vote Now! ~

Which Blogger Interface Would You Prefer?
Timeslide free polls

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