Friday, April 15, 2011

DA35/2.4 Full Review by (

Here is the (human-translated) English version of it. A comprehensive nice review, as usual:-

The findings about the DA35/2.4 coincide well with my practical experience with the lens. Overall a very nice lens optically and at that lower offered price, it would be a real bargain (at least in the Pentaxland).

Furthermore, to compare against the FA35/2 and see how the two lenses would perform differently, the following review could also be read in conjunction with:-

All in all, it seems that optically the DA35/2.4 has been improved over the old FA35/2 in various areas although the optical formulae of both do look really close enough.

Last but not least, to view all the Pentax lens reviews that they have published, click here.

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