Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interview with Hoya's Pentax Top Officials at China P&E

See this latest and exclusive interview report:-

(Simplified Chinese, Google English Translation Here)

So, the main points of the interview are summarised as below:-

1. 135 full frame DSLR is not urgently required for Pentax as there is the 645D, which has better IQ. However, Pentax is not eliminating any possibility for making one whenever market need is there. In the meantime, Pentax will continue to concentrate in the development of the 645D system before a 135 FF one would come.

2. There is no plan to develop 135 FF lens lineup as there is no plan for a 135 FF body and system.

3. A new digital zoom lens for the 645D is under development.

4. Whilst Pentax is making many colours for the new DSLRs, the black colour ones have still been the most popular choices for the market in China, of which the buyers are possibly still being more conservative.

5. The 3-11 earthquake and tsunami at Japan does not affect Pentax and the production much in general, but it is not totally unaffected and the actual impacts are indeed unsure.

6. The spy photos of the new EVIL/ILDC products leaked in the Internet this April are true but then it is only prototypes of new products under development.

Speaking of the new products and the last Pentax teaser, actually even Mr. Blurry Cameraphone, the General Manager of Pentax Shanghai Company, Mr. Jopy Yang (the guy dressed in blue shirt in the above interview photo), does not know what is covered under the black cloth, as it was told! :-o It seems that the Hoya/Pentax Japanese officials have treated that as top secret. Anyway, there may be nothing under the cloth, as possibly it is simply just a teaser, but nothing else! >:-(

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