Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Like the iPad Idea but Will Wait for the Eee Pad

Recently played the Apple iPad for times at a shop but haven't been able to get decided to buy it. It is not only because of the (only overseas) shop I went to did not sell the iPad cheap enough when the local tax was included (and there is no tax redemption at that country, i.e., Canada), but more because of the real annoyances of the iPad that I can't live with. Anyway, now I have been triggered to get a Pad ;-) It is just because the Pad does have its unique usage for my applications. Maybe the Asus Eee Pad this time, but then I have to wait, since it is told officially by Asus that the Eee Pads are only to be available by early 2011! :-(

Below are what I like and dislike about the iPad anyway:

iPad Likes:

- Easy to carry (compact in size and lightweight), stylish appearance;
- Beautiful display: colourful, sharp, wide angle-of-view;
- All basic applications on-the-go: Internet, Multi-Media and also Games;
- Useful multi-touch screen, unique user interface, very responsive control;
- Very fast browser and photo viewer;
- Not really too expensive for the basic package (16GB and Wi-Fi Only)

iPad Dislikes:

- Glossy screen that reflects too much light, an annoyance outdoor (ditto for the Asus Eee Pad anyway);
- No USB port, no built-in card reader!;
- No flash support for browser;
- Uploading and downloading files from and to the iPad are just too difficult and there are just too many restrictions;
- No standalone pdf support! How can I read the e-documents then? I just won't bother to convert every pdf into Apple's format anyway. One can view pdfs as email attachment in the iPad, though. But why? This is just a real annoyance! :-(
- No official "shelf" to support the "mon". There is an offical keypad, though.
- Hong Kong (and maybe Taiwan as well) is/are not a market where Apple treats us seriously. There has been no official iPad on sales in HK yet nor the iPad supports Traditional Chinese characters and input well enough. If one has to buy an iPad in HK, the only choice is the grey market goods.

On the other hand, the Asus Eee Pad uses Windows 7 (or variant) and has all the ports (USB, HDMI, SD card reader, etc.). The 12" Eee Pad is just a fraction lighter than the iPad, which is just amazing. But of course, it is larger in size.

The Eee Pad has an interesting keyboard and dock as an optional accessory, which when the Eee Pad is docked, the combo becomes indifferent from a Laptop! Brilliant design and an innovative idea indeed! (Thumb Up!) Moreover, the Eee Pad's targeted marketing price is just cheaper, and it is much cheaper than the most expensive version of the iPad, i.e., 64GB with 3G support.

Once again, when the Pad story applies to cameras and industry, it just tells us that new market opportunities are always there, provided one knows how to explore and market. Innovations and brilliant ideas are always the keys to success!

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