Tuesday, May 03, 2011

K-5 Bits and Pieces (May 3rd)

1. First of all, we have this K-5 "overheating test". Let's see what will happen if we continue to use the Live View or Movie mode of the K-5 and continue to ignore the high temperature warning that is displayed! :-o


2. Next, here is a brand new K-5 full review, with measurbations and test picture samples:-


3. Last but not least, there is a K-5 trouble repor(t). A K-5 user reported that his K-5 was dead after getting wet. See his full story here:-



When Our Video DSLRs Have High Fever.. :-o ;->

LiveView of the K-5 Creates UFOs / Pearls on Sensor?

Sensor-Shifted IS Heats Up the Sensor Much More Than the Video Mode Itself! :-o

The K-5 Have Got a Cold! :-o

How "Waterproof" those "Sealed" Pentax DSLRs Are?

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