Monday, June 25, 2012

Various K-30 First Tests

1. First of all, the Chinese Engadget the PhotoBlographer have reviewed the K30 hands on:-
(in Chinese)
(with resized samples)

2. Next, here is the IR who always gave you the ISO measurbations:-

If you don't want to see ISO samples, here are the real world ones in Full Size!

3. Next Next, the PhoBlographer has also done a pour test under the tap and at the sink:-

Well, I think the K-30 is not the only camera that can be abused like that in a short period of time, someone else actually had done something similar on the K-5 previously (but yet almost no body noticed):-

Btw, if any user really wanted to have a waterproof camera, why not just get an Optio WG or to use an underwater housing? :-o

Enjoy after all!~

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