Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pentax Q Prime Kit Sells for $375 at Amazon


This is for the prime kit but not dual lens kit, i.e., the heading contains a typo. Just looks at the optional items below and we can see the zoom lens is there.

Btw, the Q has been selling cheap recently and so did the K-01. And, the K-5 has been discontinued and thus what is left in the Pentaxland as being current and popular? The K-30? Only? Or, do we still remember the aged 645D? Well, even the Pentax DCs will exist no more very soon. So, what is the actual state of Pentax NOW?

Yes, they/we are now having a four-hierarchy product line as previously disclosed (i.e., 645D -> K-5/K-30 -> K-01 -> Q), but it seems that nothing has worked well for the company as well as the users and all the lines seem to be helpless by themselves and would possibly die out silently one by one, sooner or later! >:-(

After all and yet still fortunately, there are still some weak signs for the existence of Pentax up to this moment. At least someone is still willing to produce a few dedicated accessories for their products, see these leather covers for the Pentax bodies for example, namely for the K-01 here and for the Q here (which are sold at the Japanese home market). Otherwise, I would really safely to declare that "Pentax is doomed" right now! :-o

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